Welcome to the Andalusian Valle de Lecrín, a place of great beauty that lies in the shelter of the Sierra Nevada between Granada and the Mediterranean. Here, it is green and lush all year round, with many breathtaking views from the middle of a sea of citrus, olive and almond-trees.

The retreat centre Garden of lemons consists of two houses: the Jardín de los limones, an old country house (cortijo), located just outside the village Melegís, and the house El limón in the village of Chite only few kilometers away.

Jardín de los limones is a large and beautiful detached house, surrounded by terraces and a huge garden with olive, orange and fruit trees, while the house El limón has magnificent views from house and terrace over the Sierra Nevada mountains and the villages of the valley. Both houses offer high levels of comfort and finish, with lots of architectural details that blend both Nordic and Southern European features.

Welcome to Garden of lemons in the Andalusian valley El Valle de Lecrín.

Garden of lemons is a retreat centre for people seeking experiences, peace and contemplation in beautiful surroundings. The place is situated infinitely beautiful in the shelter of the Sierra Nevada between Granada and the Mediterranean withdrawn from tourism usual routes, and here is green and lush year round. It is a sensual experience to be here. Each month of the year has its own smells and colors starting with the almond trees in the early spring.

When we first came here  in 2011, we instantly fell for the beauty around us and thought that we had to find an opportunity to take root. Soon we found the country house Jardín de los limones that lay as a ruin but today appears as an elegant and detached finca, surrounded by terraces and gardens with olive, orange and fruit trees. To establish the retreat Garden of lemons, we have since purchased and renovated the village house El limón – a house with magnificent views of the mountains “Las Alpujarras” and the villages in the valley. The two comfortable houses are located only a few kilometers from each other and have fine architectural details that blend both Nordic and South-European stylistic features.

In spring and autumn we arrange workshops in art, watercolourpainting, yoga, religion, writing, literature, filosofi and much more

Find all classes on the  homepage: http://den-andalusiske-hoejskole.dk/

This site is in Danish only, as most of our clients are Scandinavian. You’ll find all necessary informations in English only on the pages that connect to teaching offered in English – for further information feel free to contact us on gardenoflemons@gmail.com