Meet your hosts Ingo og Henrik

Ingo Schauser and Henrik Vilain are a Danish couple with professional backgrounds in classical music, who run the retreat center  Garden of Lemons in Andalusia. They are self-taught cooks and cookbook writers, and food has always been a passion for both of them.

Throughout their careers, they have traveled extensively for studying, teaching, and performing concerts, which has fueled their curiosity in meeting people and exploring different cultures. Together, they ran a shop called “HEAVEN” in Copenhagen, which offered gastronomic products from the North and the Mediterranean, along with wines and sherry. The shop also hosted weekly cultural events.

In Spain, Ingo and Henrik aim to share the Andalusian culture through food, architecture, history, music, and nature. They have published several cookbooks based on the recipes from Garden of Lemons. The first cookbook, “CITRONER,” was published in 2020 by Muusmanns publishing house in Copenhagen. Since then, three more books have been published: “OLIVEN & OLIVENOLIE” in 2022, “AVOCADOS” in 2022, and “TOMATOES” in 2023. These books have been translated into German and published in Germany as part of the culinary series “von Sternenköchen und Sternenküchen” by Jacoby & Stuart.

Henrik Vilain was born and raised in Denmark. He worked as a professional cantor and organist for 25 years, with his most recent position being at Gl. Holte church. Henrik has also conducted several choirs. He received education in Denmark, France, and Italy as an organist and conductor. Alongside his work as an organist, Henrik has attended various cooking schools, including the two-star Michelin restaurant “Apicius” in Paris. He has also worked with fine wines at Kjær & Sommerfeldt in Copenhagen.

Ingo Schauser grew up in both Germany and Spain. He received training as a pianist and music teacher in Denmark, France, and Italy. Ingo has worked as a piano teacher in Denmark and France and has performed on numerous concert tours as an accompanist and chamber musician. He is fluent in several southern European languages and possesses extensive knowledge of Mediterranean culture. In addition to classical music, Ingo has a deep interest in travel, nature, food and wine.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Ingo Schauser – 1967
  • Henrik Vilain – 1963

Objective: As a Danish couple with a background in classical music and a passion for food, our objective is to share the Andalusian culture through food, architecture, history, music, and nature. We aim to create memorable experiences for our guests at Garden of Lemons retreat center, combining our musical expertise with our acclaimed culinary skills.


Henrik Vilain:

  • Self-Taught Chef de Cuisine
  • Professional Cantor and Organist, Gl. Holte Church, Denmark, 10+ years.
  • Organist and Conductor Education:
    • Denmark (Odense, Copenhagen)
    • France (Paris)
    • Italy (Rome)

Ingo Schauser:

  • Self-Taught Cook
  • Pianist, Flutist and and Music Teacher Education:
    • Denmark (Odense)
    • France (Paris, Toulouse)
    • Italy (Rome)
    • Israel (Jerusalem)
    • US (New York)


Work Experience:

  • Henrik Vilain:
    • Professional Cantor and Organist, Gl. Holte Church, Copenhagen, Denmark,
    • Conductor of Several Choirs
    • Worked with Fine Wines at Kjær & Sommerfeldt, Copenhagen
  • Ingo Schauser:
    • Piano  and Flute Teacher, 25 years in Denmark and France
    • Concert Pianist
    • Accompanist and Chamber Musician, Concert Tours in Europe and US

Books Published:

  • CITRONER (2020) – Muusmanns Publishing House, Copenhagen
  • AVOCADOS (2022)
  • TOMATOES (2023)
  • All books translated to German and published in Germany in the culinary series “von Sternenköchen und Sternenküchen” by Jacoby & Stuart.


  • Classical Music (Organ, Piano, Flute, Conducting)
  • Acclaimed Culinary Skills
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Multilingual:
    • Danish: Native/Fluent
    • German: Native/Fluent
    • English: Proficient
    • French: Proficient
    • Spanish: Proficient
    • Italian: Proficient
  • Cultural Awareness and Appreciation
  • Event Planning and Management