Stepping into the Garden of Lemons feels like entering an oasis of exquisite beauty and tranquility. Situated on a sun-kissed slope in the Valle de Lecrín, known as the “Valley of Joy” near Granada, this finca encompasses a sprawling citrus and fruit plantation, complemented by majestic olive trees that have stood for centuries.

The house, a recent construction, stands upon the foundations of an ancient “cortijo,” blending the allure of the past with modern comforts. Its elegant white facade is adorned with dark green shutters, and intricate terracotta details add a touch of refinement. Inside, you’ll find 180 square meters of living space spread over two floors, meticulously designed to offer a seamless blend of beauty and convenience.

Garden of Lemons beckons you with its serene charm, inviting you to bask in the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds it. The air carries the delightful aroma of citrus, while the landscape unfolds in a breathtaking panorama. This is a place where one can find respite, immersing themselves in the enchanting embrace of nature while enjoying the comforts of a thoughtfully crafted home.

Garden of Lemons is a sanctuary that captures the essence of its surroundings. It is a testament to the timeless allure of nature and the harmonious coexistence of traditional and modern aesthetics.

The ground floor of the house in the Garden of Lemons offers a stunning and spacious living area characterized by the timeless beauty of locally sourced natural stones. The dark dolomite marble known as Sierra Elvira, with its diagonal pattern, graces the floor, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

The centerpiece of this expansive room is the abundance of tall double doors that line the southern side of the house, leading to a terrace that stretches along its entire length. This south-facing terrace becomes a sun-drenched haven, bathed in sunlight from morning till evening. However, the presence of the long balcony and the majestic olive trees casts captivating shadows, creating a magical interplay of light and darkness.

At one end of this grand room, you’ll find the open kitchen, seamlessly integrated into the overall design. Crafted by a local carpenter, the kitchen features solid ash wood, radiating brightness and warmth. The counter, a focal point of culinary creativity, is made from meticulously carved Carrara marble, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

As you move through the room, your gaze is drawn to a captivating fireplace, adorned with an antique Italian mirror at the opposite end. This exquisite feature not only adds visual appeal but also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for gathering around during cooler evenings.

At the heart of the ground floor room, a striking sculptural staircase gracefully winds its way through each floor, culminating in the rooftop terrace. This unique feature adds a touch of artistry and elegance to the space, becoming a focal point of architectural beauty.

Ascending to the first floor, you’ll discover a well-designed layout that includes three double bedrooms and an open living area seamlessly integrated along the path of the staircase. The master bedroom offers a private en suite, complete with a bath and shower, providing a luxurious retreat within the house. The remaining two bedrooms share a second bathroom located on the first floor.

All rooms on the first floor are tiled with travertine, a natural stone known for its timeless beauty and durability. This choice of flooring enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bedrooms and living area, creating a sense of elegance and harmony throughout.

The first floor boasts five tall double doors that open to a 17-meter-long balcony, filling the space with light and offering picturesque views. The staircase leads to a mesmerizing mirador with 360-degree views of the valleys and mountains.

Situated in front of the house, the pool area in the Garden of Lemons exudes tranquility and charm. The ground is adorned with gray-green Indian slate, creating a serene backdrop that beautifully complements the luminous turquoise-green tiles of the pool. While enjoying a refreshing swim, one can relish the wonderful view over the valley.

Privacy and seclusion are paramount in this area, ensured by a whitewashed wall that encloses the pool area. This protective barrier allows residents and guests to fully unwind and enjoy their time in a secluded oasis, shielded from the outside world.

Close to the pool there is a small and whitewashed house, the Garden house, that offers space for one or two extra guests – maybe two teenage children.


“El Pino,” named after the majestic pine tree, is a charming tiny house nestled within the avocado grove of the Garden of Lemons. This delightful retreat offers two beautiful double rooms, each with its own private bathroom, providing comfort and privacy for guests.

One of the rooms is furnished with two separate beds, while the other features a cozy double bed measuring 1.40 meters wide. Fitted wardrobes offer convenient storage, and the rooms are adorned with thick silk curtains that add a touch of elegance and create a soothing ambiance.

Adjacent to the rooms, an inviting outdoor kitchen and terraces await, boasting unique and captivating views of the surrounding valley. This outdoor space provides an ideal setting for al fresco dining or simply unwinding while taking in the natural beauty of the area.

“El Pino” is a serene haven within the avocado grove, offering well-appointed double rooms with private bathrooms. The harmonious blend of comfort, privacy, and the picturesque outdoor spaces makes it an enchanting retreat, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the stunning vistas of the Valley.


The lower part of the plot in the Garden of Lemons possesses a distinct charm and character. Here, a captivating world unfolds, adorned with magnificent ancient olive and citrus trees. As the seasons shift to December, the branches become adorned with vibrant oranges and lemons, resembling enchanting Chinese lanterns from a distant fairy tale.

Immersing yourself in this magical setting, you can wander amidst the grandeur of the old trees, savoring the scent of citrus wafting through the air. The lower level offers a unique and serene atmosphere, inviting you to explore and connect with nature in a truly enchanting way.