Accommodation options

When deciding on a course at Garden of Lemons, you can choose between two accommodation options:

A: Either to stay at the retreat centre itself in one of the two houses Jardín de los limones or the house El limón.

B: Or staying at the Los Naranjos hotel

A: Retreat centre Garden of Lemons

We have 9 double rooms spread over two houses. Both houses are unique and beautiful in architecture and aesthetics, both have pool and terraces. The house  “Jardín de los limones” and the house “El Limón”

 “El limón” is located two kilometers away from the retreat centre’s headquarter “Jardín de los limones”. Transport/ shutleservice is included in the price, but you can also walk by foot through the nature 25-30 min.

All rooms can be used as single rooms.

Jardín de los limones:

(where the teaching takes place)

  • 1 double bedroom with private bath on the first floor
  • 2 double rooms sharing a bathroom on the first floor
  • 3 double rooms each with their own bath in the two guest houses in the garden.

El limón:

(2 km from Jardín de los limones)

  • 3 double rooms with private bath

The house is 2 km away from “Jardín de los limones”, where teaching takes place. Transportation to and from “Jardín de los limones” is inclusive.

B: Hotel Los Naranjos:

Hotel Los Naranjos: The hotel is a simple, family-run hotel located approx. 15 min. walk from the refuge across the village. The hotel is newly restored, very quietly located and all rooms are en suite. The 14 rooms right at the restaurant of the same bar.